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Eat began at the University of North Florida in 2007.  That year, with a staff of students and alumni, EAT 1 was released on CD. It was our first collection of word, sound, and song, containing work by our own students and faculty.  EAT 2 came in 2008, largely following the model of EAT 1, except for the inclusion of two poem readings by well-loved poet, Eavan Boland.  Credits for both of these albums are available in the album notes on this site.

The idea languished for a while.  Not only were CDs becoming a thing of the past, the cost was prohibitive and the original model had lost steam.

In 2012, after Sam Bilheimer introduced me to Bandcamp, I decided to bring the idea back and just edit and produce the albums myself.  It’s still evolving.  But the response has been encouraging, and many EAT albums are available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CDbaby, Spotify, and most other digital distributers.

The EAT Poems series is a collection of digital audio chapbooks of Northeast Florida poets reading their own work.  EAT Poems

~Mark Ari (www.arifiles.com)

Note:  Up to now, I’ve not taken submissions.  Maybe I should.  What do you think?



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